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Magner Civil War Veterans in Illinois

NAME                            COMPANY & UNIT              RESIDENCE
MAGNER, DAVID N                   H  9 INF                  MONTGOMERY CO
MAGNER, IRA                       H  13 CAV                 ARCOLA
MAGNER, JOHN M                    E  66 INF                 EDGAR CO
MAGNER, JOSEPH H                  E  66 INF                 MONTGOMERY
MAGNER, JOSEPH T                  G  13 CAV                 ARCOLA
MAGNER, R H                       I  155 INF                ARCOLA
MAGNER, SAMUEL H                  E  12 INF                 PARIS
MAGNER, WILLIAM C                 E  12 INF                 PARIS

David Magner from War Between the States
Nephew of Bridget Magner
Moultrie County Historical Society